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Play Editor's Note: The tone of the market has changed dramatically in just one session. While it seems a clich to state that one day does not make a trend we are (naturally) seeing a lot more bullish candidates. We just don't feel like chasing them right here. You've probably heard it said more than once this year that traders are "buying the dips and selling the rips". Today definitely qualifies as a "rip". I'm noticing some technicals are nearing a potential short-term top signal. A few stocks that do look like potential bullish candidates and ones that I would be watching for a dip are: CLB, LLL, HSIC, CHL, DD over $48.00-48.10, maybe MSFT over $29.75 and NTDOY over its 100-dma. We'd also keep an eye on the transports. They are starting to look tempting.

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