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Play Editor's Note: I don't recall if we have ever gone three days without listing new play candidates. Unfortunately, the market isn't doing much. Yes, the major indices have been slipping, which is exactly what I expected. Yet the pull back has not been deep enough to hit most of the triggers for our bullish candidates. I think that might change tomorrow. Stocks closed near their lows on Thursday and another drown draft on Friday morning could finally hit some of our suggested entry points.

However, there is no guarantee that stocks will see a bounce. We remain in a bear market and this remains a very tough market to trade. I continue to hear how many hedge funds and professional traders have closed up shop for the year and stopped trading. A few bearish short funds have stopped taking money because they don't see any opportunities for new short positions.

I think there is opportunity in the market but we have to remain quick and nimble. We also have to be patient and wait for our entry point. The newsletter will be adding new candidates this weekend.

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