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Play Editor's Note: Nowadays traders don't bat an eye at a down 200-point day in the DJIA. Yet looking for new trading candidates did not reveal much. I'm not adding anything tonight but here are a few stocks that might offer some potential:

FDS - This stock has broken out from its trading range with resistance near $40.00. Now the $40 level should be support. Look for a dip to or bounce from the $40 region as a new bullish entry point. I would target $45.00 or possibly the 100-dma.

VSAT - This stock has broken through multiple levels of resistance around $22.00 and its 100-dma, 200-dma and a trendline of lower highs. I would look for a dip back toward $22.50, maybe $22.00 as a bullish entry point.

MA - Mastercard flirted with a bullish breakout over resistance at $150. The rally failed but I think it might make another attempt in a day or two. I'm watching for a bounce in the $145-140 zone.

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