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(note: All investors should be familiar with the "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options" presented by the Options Clearing house in this pamphlet here.)


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The Option Investor Newsletter is one of the leading option trading & education services on the Internet. As more and more investors turn to options trading, the need to translate news and events into winning options strategies has never been greater. Strategies: directional call and put plays, occasionally spreads or strangles, all on stock options, index options or ETF options.

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Very active investors looking for short-term to intermediate time frame trades will enjoy the Premier Investor newsletter. Insightful market commentary and stock picks for both up or down markets. Strategies: long or short stocks & ETFs.

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All Option Strategies Used, Longer Hold Time Using Special Situation Stocks - In today's volatile market a buy and hold investor is more accurately described as a buy and hope investor. Volatility can be a bad thing for some option traders but it can also present some spectacular opportunities. Volatility can knock you out of carefully crafted positions and produce expensive losses. However, buying certain stocks after a volatility event sometimes produces an outstanding trade. Volatility can come from an earnings miss, a guidance warning, broker downgrade, etc or it can come from a sector event where some other stock in the sector falls off the cliff and drags the sector down with it. Buyouts in the sector, rumors of buyouts or even failed buyouts all produce volatility events that can be used to our advantage.

All Investing Strategies - Because the plays to be profiled in Ultimate Investor can be from weeks to months in duration the option strategies used will cover all the available investing options. We can do simple long calls and puts, covered calls, simple spreads, cash secured puts, stocks or even futures if the right setup appears. There is no strict focus like we have in some of our other newsletters. This newsletter will focus on making money any way possible with a minimum of risk. No two plays are alike so we should not be locked into a simple long option strategy. Subscribers don't have to have a big account to utilize these strategies. Some may require the ability to sell a put to maximize the returns but I will attempt to profile the trades in such a way to offer alternatives to a specific recommendation for those without option writing capability.

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Long-term options, called LEAPS, offer amazing leverage to maximize your potential returns while reducing your capital at risk. Strategies: typically bullish call-option trades using LEAPS.

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Here's a strategy you may not be aware of - selling puts! Learn how to buy stocks at discount or sell options for monthly returns. Strategies: selling options.

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The OilSlick newsletter is a leading provider of related trades and education. We cater to all levels of trading experience, from the brand new investor just learning how trades work to the market-hardened veteran trader looking for more exotic energy trades, and everyone in between. The OilSlick energy recommendations newsletter is based on building both short and long term portfolios at key entry points in the energy cycle. All positions are fully explained from a fundamental and technical perspective. OilSlick recommends stocks, options and futures positions.

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