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We know many of the long-time subscribers to the OptionInvestor newsletter

expect a large selection of candidates rather than a select group of positions

for this strategy. Although we believe the focused approach will be much

more profitable for the majority of readers, we do not want anyone to be

unhappy with their subscription. With that concern in mind, we are going

to publish a weekly list of additional plays in the category of "supplemental

positions". As with any investment, you must decide if the selections meet

your criteria for potential plays. Only you can know what strategies and

positions are suitable for your experience level, risk-reward tolerance and

individual outlook. They will not be included in the OW portfolio summary.

Stock Last Option Option Bid Open Cost Days Max

Symbol Price Series Symbol Price Int. Basis Exp. Yield

HLIT 10.98 FEB 10.00 LOQ-NB 0.25 147 9.75 27 7.7%

NTY 26.11 FEB 25.00 NTY-NE 0.60 94 24.40 27 6.8%

MDG 18.95 FEB 17.50 MDG-NW 0.35 26 17.15 27 6.1%

VTIV 22.03 FEB 20.00 QBP-ND 0.30 79 19.70 27 4.8%

STTX 28.85 FEB 25.00 SFU-NE 0.30 86 24.70 27 4.2%

CKFR 38.47 FEB 35.00 FCQ-NG 0.35 1292 34.65 27 3.2%

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