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TIV-TV Aug 12.5 put

Again TIV held its test against the $10 area but may try and retest it tomorrow. We are playing it close. But as the last commentary says we will hold on as long as TIV does not break $10 support. We are watching this play very closely, any break below $10 on an inter-day basis or close and we will close out the spread position for $2.65 Debit or a net loss of $2.05. Once again, Let's watch closely to see if TIV can hold support at $10,

We will continue to monitor closely

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ADBL - Audible Inc. $16.92 Aug 17.5 put OBQ-TW

ADBL has quietly crept into the money on us. We are looking for brief support at $16.75, however if tomorrow proves differently we are looking to exit for a NET DEBIT of $1.75 or a NET LOSS of $0.90. Look for support at $16.50- $16.75. Will need to bounce off this area in order to hold the current position. Will be watching carefully

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