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WATCH LIST - UPDATE TOMO goes on MNTA comes off barely

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(removed from our WATCH LIST )closed at the WATCH LIST price of $24 ( closed @ $24.00.) We will remove MNTA from our WATCH list until it closes below $24 or some further action is warranted.

TOMO - (added to WATCH LIST) drop under $21.50 places ( close @ 20.88) TOMO on our WATCH LIST. We will monitor its performacne and will let you know of any action that needs to be taken.

In adddition, TOMO will be annoucing earnings on the last date of expiration. Even if the stock acts favorably during the next week or so and closes up from here, we will be closing out the TOMO position on the Thursday below expiration , if we do not have to act any sooner.
Bottom line: Even if TOMO is strong going into the last day of expiration, we will be CLOSING the position and not taking any chances in holding any issues over earnings, even if only (1) day is left. - The only exception is if the stock is strongly, very strongly up from here.

CURRENT WATCH LIST - as of 3-3-06


Neither CRYP or GAP were able to get filled again today. We are straight cancelling both GAP and CRYP.

CURRENT OPEN ORDERS - as of 3-3-06


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