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Subcribers: It is never a bad idea to determine if you want to close out a position or positions because you feel you want to free up money or are happy with the return and just want to take the profit and run. Don't ever feel like you have to hold any position to expiration if you feel you have enough profit. However, if you want to actually own the underlying stocks that we have sold puts against, then by all means hold the position to expiration, that way you either get the stock ( if the put is in the money) or you keep the enitre premium and you can sell another put for the next month. But that is only if you want to OWN the underlying security

Once again just something to think about.

Of course if we do not recommend you to close any position, then we will continue to hold those positions until expiration.

In addition, we should be starting our November recommedations this weekend.

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