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We sill be holding RMBS regardless of its close today

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We will be holding the RMBS position regardless of the close today and we examine it tomorrow.

It would nice if we could hold on until Friday or get a slight bounce from here.

For those who have all the current recommendations in place, you might want to consider
using a STOP on your RMBS position if you do not want to close it out, but want to try and hold until Friday and let it play out.

In addition:
For subcribers a THOUGHT, not a recommendation:

Most, if not all of the put positions are all down to $0.05.

If you desire to close them out for $0.05, do not be afraid to, however option writer is going to hold all positions because $0.05 times all those positions, times 10 contracts adds up real fast and comes off of the profit.

However, I just think a point of information regarding this choice to close out or not is appropriate at this time.

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