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APRIL WATCH list updates and filles

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Today I was only able to get a 4 contracts filled on IOC, so I will lower the credit to $0.45
on IOC so everyone can get filled tomorrow. I will also readjust the performance based on tomorrows fill, if we can get it at $0.45. In addition, at least 2 subcribers got a fill on GRA when we did not, so I will be following GRA on the WATCH list.

As I have informed subcribers in the past, at times some of us will not get filled. It is just the law of supply and demand. When subscribers get filled and I do not, I will follow on most occassions that recommendation and fill it ourselves, up to a point. If I feel too few have gotten a fill on a recommendation the we have filled. I will lower the price of the recommendation. It is the only fair thing that I can do. If this were an omnibus account and I was an investment manager I could be sure everyone was in every position. But I try to make it as fair as I can for everyone to have a chance to fill. As you can see I always go in at the bid price on recommendations and subcribers often get better than the bid price. We will continue to try and get equitable fills for all, however, there will be times when the law of supply and demand will not totally accommadate us

So for tomorrow we will be adding GRA to the WATCH list and be lowering our credit on IOC to $0.45 for anyone who has not been filled.



I will update the portfolio tomorrow

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