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Option Writer OCTOBER WATCH list 10-09-07

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REMINDER: Subcribers please take a look at the prices it would cost to close out any of your positions.

Always remember "Murphy's Law" and if you feel you have enough profit from any position to not be afraid to take it or put on a STOP if you so desire to lock in a profit, if something foul should blow in the wind between now and October 19, 2007 ( expiration date )

This is just a thought I like to put into subcribers minds for them to always be thinking about. It's not a recommendation, just a thought. If it were more than just a thought I would make it a recommendation.

REMEMBER also, NOVEMBER recommendations will be coming out this weekend.
I personally think Novemberall will be a more volatile ride with all the new highs and the retailers reporting earnings. But we will see.

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