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OMTR will annouce earnings tomorrow

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JUST a point of information: Not A RECOMMENDATION

.Sometimes a company will annouce earnings in a option cycle on a.position we currently have. In this case OMTR will be annoucing tomorrow. The stock is currently trading at more than 36 dollars and we are short the Nov 22.5 put, that is almost 14 points out of the money..that Nov 22.5 put is selling at 0.05. If one wishes to close out the position for 0.05 they may do so....I just want to bring this to all subcribers attention in case they want to act on their own accord. It is not an option writer recommendation to close out this position, however I want subcribers to have the opportunity to cash out with a profit on this position in case they are uncomfortable holding a positon over an earnings report.

The option writer is continuing to hold this short position open .

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