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OW March Update

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AAPL - Apple is having a rough time this week. It was holding above support until the last part of yesterday. The stock has now filled in the gap (See Chart - yellow highlight). Maintain half the original position until the price breaks below the 115 strik

CMG - Chiptole broke below its 108 support.

SWIM - Investools, Inc is still holding its support.

New Position

GROW - U.S. Global Investors, Inc. is a publicly owned investment manager. The firm primarily provides its services to investment companies. It also manages accounts for other pooled investment vehicles, individuals, and corporations. The firm manages family of equity and fixed income mutual funds for its clients. It invests in the public equity, fixed income, gold, and natural resources markets across the globe.

Approximate Stock Price 17.16 Initial Margin/Contract $220
Expiration Month March Initial Cash Requirement $150
Option Strike 15 Max Return 46.67%
Option Symbol QGWOC Assigned Cost Basis $14.30
Option Target Price $0.70 Number of Contracts 10
Total Margin $2,200 Max Gain $700

We are closing this position on a break of support (14.80). The position size (# contracts)should be half the size of a normal sized position.

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