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After WYNN closed below 106, we currently have nine positions. We want to do some housekeeping with the positions.

SLB - Schlumberger has been a nice put position so far. After oil's rocket like trajectory, closing the March 70 put (SLBON) for 0.10 - 0.15 is recommended. Sure, the stock could stay higher than 70 but why take the chance. Also, by covering the 70 put it frees us up to eventually sell the 75 or 80 put.

WYNN - Wynn Resorts has been a tough position for all of us. However, selling the 135 call helps. If you were able to enter this trade, close it out with a target of 0.20. With the entry around 2.50, that leaves a profit of approxiamtely $230 per contract.

SBUX - Starbucks has been lethargic and looking weak. The target exit is a break even at 0.5 or better.

GROW - U.S. Global Investors has not performmed to my expectations. Technically speaking, the stock, which once looked as though it was a coiling spring, is looking weak. Let's try to come out of this tomorrow at $0.20/contract.

SWIM - Investools, Inc. reports earnings on Thursday. So far the hold over reports hasn't worked very well. Let's be prudent and take some money off the table tomorrow. Look for a specific update regarding this position.

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