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This is a summation of positions currently being monitored. The grid shows a number of position details including the assigned cost, date opened and profit/loss. While the "Assigned Portfolio Cost" is showing $94,437 the actual is less because there is no way that both the call and put position on the WFR and MOS positions can be assigned at the same time. So take the lesser assigned cost from the total to equal $79,000. Another item to identify is that the cost basis on the put side of either MOS or WFR short strangle is the strike less the total premium or 79.3 and 71.05 respectively. The call side would be 125.7 and 98.95 respectively. I am currently building a new grid to provide a simple view of the various risk management techniques and thier prices. You should receive that later today.

We still have room for two more positions in the portfolio. So we will be actively researching charts and screens over the next few days. Have a nice Sunday.

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