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DUG - I am watching crude decline about 2 bucks per barrell here and seeing little movement in our DUG position. Let's try to sell the June 33 Calls for $0.45 to 0.50. If it doubles your margin, don't do it.

IWM - The market it running up here and making me want to hedge the iShare Russell 2000 June 71 Puts. Let's set a target on the June 77 Calls to sell them at $0.50 or higher. We have resistance at 75 and a break above that may provide the added premium to get over $0.50 per contract.

SSL - Sasol Ltd ADR has been in distribution mode . We have some good support at 58 from the 50 day SMA as well as at 57.65 from a previous gap up. SSL Sasol Limited operates as an integrated oil and gas company. The company operates coal mines; produces synthesis gas through coal gasification and natural gas reforming, using its proprietary technology to convert synthesis gas into synthetic fuel components, chemical feedstock, and pipeline gas; markets refined liquid fuel products, including gasoline, fuel alcohol, diesel, jet fuel, illuminating paraffin, LPG, fuel oils, motor and industrial lubricants, and bitumen; and distributes and markets natural gas.

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