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Option Writer Portfolio - November

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Company Description:
Amedisys, Inc. (AMED) prodives home nursing services through 325 nursing offices and 29 hospice offices in 30 states. We are including AMED again this month due to its relative strength versus many of the other sectors. The company is scheduled to release thier 3rd quarter earnings on Oct. 28th. We are selling the November 40 puts with a target of $1.90 per contract. The initial margin is about $450 per contract. For those of you wondering why I am not displaying the allocation for a $20,000 account, I am trying to see how much total margin will be at the absolute minimum position size. The normal allocation on this trade would be a minumum of 2 contracts. The technical risk management level is at $47.47 or the low on 10/15.

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