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Hedging Against the Bailouts

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It is my opinion that the US Federal Government will be funding the bailouts of the financial and auto industries initially with the printing press and then eventually tax increases. Usually, the affects of flooding the market with dollars decreases the value and creates opportunities outside US equities. For instance, one can buy various CurrencyShares, Currency Futures, spot currency pairs, and Gold. Or one can buy investments in non-US equities. Therefore, the suggested trade is to sell the iShares MSCI EAFE Fund (EFA) December 36 Puts for a target price of $0.70. As the chart shows, the EFA closed just above the 21 day exponential moving average and broke above the downtrend line. Since there is a gap at $38.33 from 11/21, I am suggesting that you sell half of the position now. The initial margin on two contracts is $710.

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