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What Others Say

"...the best newsletter..."

Option Investor is unequivocally, the best newsletter one could subscribe to. Not only does the staff provide technical and fundamental facts it also gives different and objective views within the staff. Moreover it offers a variety of trading philosophies and styles that one can easily match to their own. It's like having a complete research firm work for you in lieu of an individual broker.

There dedication to the markets is unparalleled. Often I get up at 12.00 a.m., 3.00 a.m. and 4.00 a.m. EST only to find one of them on the Monitor analyzing the overnight movements. Their live Market Monitor is one of the most exciting features that the site offers. It provides live market action and commentary on the movements throughout the day. It's like having a life line to the trading pit, giving you a traders perspective and often "rumor on the floor" that makes the difference.

AMS - Virginia

"... You are the best in the whole web..."

I am new to your site (I subscribed immediately after trial) and congrats to you and the staff. You are the best in the whole web. Serious yet fun, thorough, precise, informative; made extra money this month because of you. I'm yours for ever...

Alexandra - New York

"... a textbook on the market..."

The web site/subscription service is not only my textbook on options--it is a textbook on the market. Much of its richness comes from its provision of at least two or three levels of learning. The Monitor is the immediate here-and-now experience; the newsletter provides the "lecture hall"--the detail of context, often demonstration, and more importantly, explanation. Those two areas of learning are clearly not independent of each other--rather the dialogue on the Monitor is like an internship where the new is introduced because every trade is different, with fresh nuances. The newsletters take the parts containing all degrees of complexity and fit, or maybe squiggle, them into this entity we call the market. The instruction I have received has been a journey, not always an easy one. And now, for me...I'll soon enter that third arena--the lab, trading--where the intensity of the task will match the satisfaction of the preparation.

Barbara H - Ohio

"... I'm SOOO completely hooked..."

I've been a subscriber for about 1 1/2 years but like a dummy I've ignored the Market Monitor for about a year!

I'm SOOOO completely hooked. Gotta tell you though, I LOVE your attitude and your writing style. Keeps me laughing all day, too.

Joanne G - Michigan

"... I will never leave..."

I think the market monitor is the best on the web and I have checked most of them out. Most services that offer what the Market Monitor offers cost more than $300/mo. I really mean this because I have used many many other services.

I started with OIN when I first started trading. Left for a while as I was looking for the diamonds hidden in the ground somewhere only to realize that the diamonds were hidden at my old standby OIN the whole time.

I am back and I will never leave as long as I am trading.

Jane F - Washington

"... The OIN set up is the best..."

I have been trading for a long time and not always successfully. The OIN setup is the best I've found and the Market Monitor is one of the most useful tools I've used.

Weldon B - Texas

"... OI has made me a much better trader..."

I have been a subscriber for about 3 years. During this time, I have seen a constantly improving product. I consider OI to be like going to school…rarely a day goes by without logging some important information in my trading journal. My trading knowledge and expertise is due solely to what I have learned at OI. The quality of the staff has been continually improved and I think this reflects the high regard Jim Brown and staff have to putting out a top-quality product. But, OI will not make you rich overnight. If one has the patience to read and absorb the wisdom contained on the OI website, and take "baby steps", the results will be positive. The Market Monitor is my "trading buddy". I really appreciate the dialogue and tips throughout the day…seems like I am not alone at my trading desk. I think the most important thing that OI has taught me is discipline. I no longer "shoot from the hip" but have the knowledge to evaluate each trade thoroughly. In short, OI has made me a much better trader.
Mike H - Arizona

"... You are a true professional..."

Jim, I've followed the MM for quite a while now. Your Swing Trader Strategy is excellent and sums it all for all of us readers. You are a true professional...
H L - Vancouver, Canada

"... find it superior to the other guys..."

I do not trade for a living. I trade to augment my income so my wife can be a mom for our 2 young kids, and offset our school tuitions and the high cost of living. I really appreciate OIN sifting through all the market fluff, constantly educate us on the market trends, and provide us with logical entry/exit points.

Currently, in my 3rd year of OIN subscription, I really find it superior to the other guys. Market Monitor and the team of senior market analysts have been great additions. Often, if I do the homework and read the columns, I'm positioned properly before a short-term market reversal.

Imagine having a decent feel for what's going to happen the next few days in the market? Isn't that what every trader dreams of? Even though we're not right all the time, OIN helps me make regularly pull money out of the markets while I hold down my practice and sustain a family.

Jeff O - Hawaii

"... I have learned more about the market..."

Dear Jim & Crew,
I have learned more about the market from you guys in the past 10 months than I have learned from all other sources in the past 10 years. The recent correlations between the dollar, the bond market, and the equity markets have been a real eye-opener. Like many individual investors, I "thought" I knew what was going on during the go-go years from '98-2000. It's amazing what self-delusion can do. I've come to think of stock market skills like soccer or golf, or any skills for a specific sport, that all need to come together to be successful. When I finally got my entry points right, I was still losing money until I used better exit strategies and risk management skills. I can finally see patterns in individual stocks, and can accurately predict movements in the stocks I follow. You guys are great, and Market Monitor is amazing! Thanks,
Ross B - New York

I feel you guys do an EXCELLENT job and that's why I have been getting [the newsletter] for nigh on 4 years...
E.F. - Florida

"... seen my results improve dramatically..."

Jim (and the gang),

I've been a subscriber for over 3 years now. I remember the day where we got the three weekly updates and could not believe my good fortune back then....

My problem has always been that I usually "cut my winners and letting my losers run". However, with the advent of the market monitor and especially the swing trader game plan, I am now largely unbiased on market direction, and I try to follow your targets and stops more religiously. I have seen my results improve dramatically and I am now trading with much less emotion. I still read all of the articles every morning and my learning is continuing every day.

I know I still have a long way to go (especially regarding chart interpretation and PnF charts), but I feel much more confident having your support team in place. It is especially rewarding to now make money while the markets are plunging...

John L - Georgia