No Supplemental equity plays for September, except a DJX put spread. We are going to hold and wait for October recommendations next weekend.

With October recommendations coming next weekend and the lack of premium available on September spreads, we are going to hold with our current positions .

We should see some evaporation of premiums beginning this week.

The positions that we should be concerned with mostly are HAE $54.04, STJ $34.40 and CHTT $63.00, as they are the positions that are not in the money, but closest to our short strike prices on the call side as we head into the next to last week of the September cycle.All of our positions are currently out of the money, but we all know that always has the possibility to change at anytime.

In addition our positions like KDN and SPWRA are in a position where subscribers might want to consider closing them out if they can close for close to .05, if they feel the urge to do so.

Subcribers may also want to lower their stops on any of their positions that are currently profitable or on any or all of the three positions mentioned earlier (HAE, STJ & CHTT). Once again, that choice depends on your risk tolerance.

DJX credit spread.

We are looking to add the following put credit spread to our September positions.

We are recommending the following specific credit spread, which will give us an iron condor on our DJX position.

If we do not get filled, we are going to cancel the order at the close on Tuesday.

This position should not require any additional margin with the right broker.