This was really an example of Murphy at work, what was a profitable trade for all of the September cycle, goes down in flame in 1 day. This is one reason I prefer equity trades on individuals issues that can at times side step the noise of the major indexes. Anyway you should have closed your DJX for somewhere between $0.35 and $0.40 and in some cases unfortuately a little higher if you didn't follow the exit request.

If you can get something for your DEC 100 call, you should close it also unless you think tomorrow we get a carryover and I mean a big carry over of this upward momentum to give the DJX SEP 100 any kind of value.

This was a very very frustrating trade.

In hind sight, it should serve as a lesson that we need to take profits when they are on the table like they were for just about everyday of this trade. Also, it is a lesson in why you don't wait to expiration at times, becauseif something can happen there is always that it will. Remember anything can happen in this market.