Tomorrow is option expiration for January and it could not have come soon enough.

Going into tomorrow there are several issues we need to keep an eye on that are out of the money, which might need to be watched up to the closing bell.

Keep an eye on the IDCC short $27 call. We have $0.79 of safety going into tomorrow.

AEM - eventhough it is $1.56 out of the money, it is gold related and any significant bashing of the dollar tomorrow, could allow the AEM 60 call to make some noise. Hopefully, that should not happen.

PENN, NUVA, BJ and VPRT all should be okay, unless a surprise visit from "Murphy's Law" should arrive.

Finally, remember if any stock looks like it is going to close in the money at tomorrow's close, be sure to close out the appropriate short position with market at close.

If the stock look like they will close under the short strike prices, you need do nothing.

Just remember any position that is in the money at the close tomorrow will be exercised, so be sure to close them out, unless of course you have stock that you would like to deliver, or in the case of a put, stock you want to have put to you.

This is the final January Watch list, tomorrow we follow the Februay positions after the close.