MON EXIT strategy if necessary.

We are lowering our STOP on the MON FEBRUARY 75 Put down to $2.30, from $3.30

If we get stopped out on our MON 75 PUT side then we will continue to hold our long MON 70 Put unless after we get stopped out, we trade above $75 during the remainder of the day, if that should happen: and only if that should happen, we would then exit our long MON 70 put, but only if MON trades above $75, and only if we should get STOPPED out tomorrow from our MON February 75 put at $2.30.

If we get stopped out and we do not trade above $75 will continue to hold our $70 put and hope for a continued drop and then wait for instructions on how to handle our long MON $70 PUT the next day.

If we DO NOT get STOPPED out of or our MON $75 Put will will hold all positions and make stop and trade adjustments, if necessary after close tomorrow.