If any one did not exit on this morning's gap down open on the positions at risk JOYG, X, COCO and THOR. You need to close those positions before the market closes today. If you desire to wait to see if this market sells off nearing the close, or can't be near your computer at the close, you need to have a market on Close order entered unless you plan to exit earlier.

Also be aware of any other issue that may close above your short strike or below your short strike. All in the money issues need to be closed at the close or you will have stock called away from you ( that you may not have) or you will be assigned stock ( if short the puts - not likely with THOR puts and MON the only put positions short).

Once again, if you can't communicate with your broker ( online or direct) be sure to have at least a Market on Close for any issue that is still open that might close in the money ( e.g. THOR , X, COCO and JOYG if you did not close on gap open down this morning.