We are adding the following issues to our March recommendated list.
We are recommending credit spreads in the following issues.

NTRI - NutriSystem is a leading provider of weight management products and services. They offer an at-home weight loss program based on portion-controlled, lower Glycemic Index prepared meals, weight loss plans, and private telephone and online support.

CYOU - Changyou.com Limited is a developer and operator of online games in China. It engages in the development, operation, and licensing of massively multi-player online role-playing games, which are interactive online games that are played simultaneously by various game players. The company currently operates two multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPGs), including the in-house developed Tian Long Ba Bu and the licensed Blade Online.

PNC - The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. operates as a diversified financial services company in the United States. It offers retail banking, corporate and institutional banking, asset management, and global fund processing services. The retail banking provides deposit, lending, brokerage, trust, investment management, and cash management services to consumer and small business customers. The corporate and institutional banking offers lending, treasury management, and capital market products and services to mid-sized corporations, government entities, and large corporations.

We are recommending the following specific credits spreads.

NTRI will be announcing earnings on Monday after the close and usually I limit recommendations on issues that wil be announcing earnings. NTRI will be an exception. If you feel you do not want to hold over the annoucement you do not have to act on this recommendation.

Call credits spreads = Bearish credits spreads.

Put credits spreads = Bullish credits spreads.

Supplemental ETF's and Holders.

The following issues are a few additional candidates to supplement your search for profitable EFT and Index trades. As with any investment, you must decide if the selections meet your criteria for potential plays. Only you can know what strategies and positions are suitable for your experience level, risk-reward tolerance and individual outlook. There will be no commentary or analysis offered on these positions, nor will they be included in the MCM Portfolio.