If you have not exited the AET call credit spread by now, you should consider doing so now, or no later than just before the close, however, the longer you wait between now and the close if AET holds at this level or goes higher, will force you to close out both positions for the $2.00 Maximum loss ( which is the difference between the strike prices. In addition, at times waiting to MARKET on CLOSE has generated a premium that has to be paid as you are dealing with two orders with a BID/ASK spread. So the later you wait could create a higher cost on market at close, especially when dealing with two (2) orders as with a spread.

GRMN can also be closed, if not already on this pullback, or you can wait to close near the end of the day, however there is no guarantee GRMN will not come back from its lows today and close higher. So if you choose to wait that is the downside on GRMN.

Regarding AMZN, AZN and CSC: they all look to be on their way to expiring worthless, as AMZN, the most volatile of the three (3) stocks mentioned is down over 2 plus point today, putting AMZN points our of the money on the call side and still 10 points out of the money on the put side.

AZN and CSC seems to be off or trading flat. They should expire worthless unless we have some outrageous event transpire during the last several hours of action today.

All the other positions mentioned last night in GROUP 4: Should expire worthless. (e.g BG, NTRI, PNC, AIG(puts), GRMN(puts), etc. )

Finally, be sure if by some miracle, an unforeseen event transpires and would put one of our issues that currently is in no danger of exercise, in danger, be sure to close any issue that may end up in the money before the close of today, but only if they look like they are going to close in the money.