In a month full of what seemed as endless up days...The April series finally came to an end.

For once in a lifetime, "Murphy's Law" actually helped us out on expiration Friday.

The April Monthly Cash Machine showed a profit of $3,390.

A little Friday sell off of CYOU, SNDA's ability to hold pretty close to the $45 strike price, and NEM's ability to close only slightly in the money, really only left MSFT with a an actual small net loss for the month.

In addition, for the subscribers who didn't get the cancellation in time of TCK and PNC put spreads, they picked up another $480 Profit for a total of $3,870 profitfor the month.

Considering the extent of the overbought market in general, I think we made out okay, especially considering the favorable market action we got from today's sell off.

The entire portfolio results can be seen at the bottom of this email and also in the PORTFOLIO section of the news letter under FINAL APRIL RESULTS.

The MAY watch list will be sent tomorrow, along with some additional May recommendations either tomorrow or Sunday.