We are adding one (1) position to our May recommended list.

We are recommending a credit spread in the following issue.

DO - Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. engages principally in the contract drilling of offshore oil and gas wells. They are a leading deepwater drilling contractor and owns and operates one of the largest fleets of offshore drilling units in the world. Diamond Offshore operates in the waters of six of the world's seven continents, supplying comprehensive drilling services to the global energy industry.

We are recommending the following specific credit spread.
call credit spread = bearish call spread.

We are also recommending the following put credit spread in RIMM which would complete an iron condor spread on our RIMM position.

There should be no additional margin requirement on the RIMM position with the right broker.

We are recommending the following put credit spread for our RIMM position.
put credit spread = bullish put spread.

In addition we are offering supplemental May plays for ETF's/Holders & Indexes on both the call and put side as well as supplemental stock plays for both the call and put side below.

Supplemental plays.

The following issues are candidates to supplement your search for profitable EFT, Index trades and stock trades.as with any investment, you must decide if the selection meets your criteria for a potential play. Only you can know what strategies and positions are suitable for your experience level, risk-reward tolerance and individual outlook. There will be no commentary or analysis offered on this position nor will it be included in the MCM Portfolio.

Supplemental ETF/Holder & Index plays.

Supplemental Individual Stock plays.