The futures are looking to gap significantly higher. The last I saw was the DJIA futures up over 235 points, with S&P and Nasdaq also gap to open extremely high. We recommended three call spreads for Monday, however due to the large gap opening that looks to be coming tomorrow we are going to CANCEL all the current recommendations for tomorrow's opening. In addition, we are going to also cancel our AMSC put spread that we were going to close and see if we can get a better exit, it will not hurt as we were only $0.20 from maximum loss of $2.00 ( at $1.80 from our maximum )so let's hold off from closing out the AMSC put spread and see how tomorrow plays out.

To all subscribers we are CANCELLING ALL recommendations made for tomorrow's opening and canceling our AMSC spread to close as well. We are putting on no positions tomorrow and not closing the AMSC.

Repeat: We are going to hold off on any new positions or closing out of amy positions recommended over the weekend until we see how the market handles the gap open on the US assistance to Europe.

CANCEL ALL recommendation now or before opening tomorrow.