FINAL disposition for MCM May open positions before expiration today.

As we approach the final hour and one-half of trading, the only issue that looks like we will need to close will be our SBUX May 26 short put or our SBUX May 26 short call.

The way the market looks, at this time, it looks like it will be our SBUX May 26 put that we will have to close sometime before the market closes today, or with a MARKET ON CLOSE order at the end of the day.

Our remaining open positions should expire worthless at the close of the session today.

You will be receiving a MCM May performance report later this evening.

In addition we will begin sending our June watch list this evening and will add our current June portfolio to the newsletters PORTFOLIO section.

Finally, we will be adding several positions to our June portfolio this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday.

So until this evening.