Option 1: You can choose to sell a Put spread on BIDU by selling the BIDU JULY 75 put and Buying the July 70 Put, thus completing an iron condor on BIDU.

You might be able to get between $0.80 - $0.90 for the spread ( depending on how we open tomorrow. )

The goal of the above strategy is to have BIDU close on Friday as close to $75 as possible or between $74.20 and $75.80 ( assuming you get at least $0.80 for the put spread if you choose this option.

Option 2: You can lower your stop on the BIDU July 75 to something less, depending on how much risk you desire to take and if you are not afraid of getting stopped out if we open a point or so higher tomorrow.

Option 3: Hold the position and see how Thursday plays out. ( This is what we are doing and will return to the scene tomorrow to ee how we play out Friday, if we are still in the position.

Be prepared for a email during market hours if we desire to act on this play before Friday.

We will be adding a few additional positions for August over the weekend when July positions come off the board.

In addition we will begin following the August Watch list and post the August Open and Closed positions like we always do as soon as the July cycle come off the board ( which is this Friday after the close. )