MCM July Disposition of positions.

SII, ANF, LO, HIG, DO call spreads all from 5 points or more out of the money and should expire worthless at the close tomorrow.

DE ,CAT put spreads are 5 and 10 points, respectfully out of the money and should also expire worthless tomorrow as well.

GENERAL REMINDER: Also remember that if any position should look to close in the moneyon our Call spreads or in the money on our put spreads be prepared to close out that position ( if it should become the case ) before the market close tomorrow or you will be assigned stock if your short put is on the money, or stock taken from you ( that you probably do not have ) if your short call option closes within the money.

This month, only the BIDU is the main source of concern.

You can lower your stop or place a stop at a price you would consider closing out, based on your risk tolerance, or you can hold until the close tomorrow and either close it out tomorrow during the day or Close the position with Market on Close order if you are not going to be around the computer and BIDU would look to close in the money near 1 PM tomorrow (it is the only position that is currently in that position going into keep an eye on it.)

As usual, this is the last Watch list and update for the JULY position until the July series comes off the board.

We will begin following the August series/cycle tomorrow after the close and the August portfolio be listed in the PORTFOLIO section starting this weekend as well.

Until Tomorrow.