Below you will find our current September Portfolio and Positions with their current market price followed by current gain so far on each positions.

NOTE: All the positions are to the good.

Nine (9) of our positions on the short side that we sold ,are selling at less than 0- $0.09, a couple (SHLD and AIG are in the $0.30 - $0.90

Subscribers might want to consider selling puts on any or all the positions below to complete an iron condor.
if you decide to sell puts on any of our current September portfolio.

I still am a little afraid of a big sell off. That is why you do not see and put recommendations currently.

This is just a suggestion to think about, but only if you expect the major markets to trade in a trading range and you don't expect a big sell off in September. Just something to think about, as it cost no additional margin to put on any or all of these iron condor positions with the right broker by selling the put side positions.