All of our positions seem to be out of danger and should expire worthless with the following EXCEPTIONS.

CECO - This is the only position that is currently in the money, but is by only $0.13.

Those willing to close out the position can close out tomorrow or wait to see how tomorrow's market plays out and close out the short CECO Nov 19 call on the close if CECO continues to remain in the money for the entire day of Friday.

Of course, should the CECO stock look to close below $19 tomorrow, you can just let the CECO Nov 19 option expire worthless.

CAVEAT: Be sure to close out this position if it appears to be closing above $19, failure to do so will lead to an exercise of stock that you do not own and you will be forced to go to the open market and buy it back to deliver on Monday. THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO HAVE TO DO.

So be sure to close the CECO or any position that might look to close above or below any of our short strike prices tomorrow.

SNDA - This position could become an issue if we get a big spike up of the stock and it should trade above our $41 stock price. However, it is currently still out of the money by $0.50, but we will need to act on SNDA if it appears to be closing in the money at the close of action tomorrow. If SNDA does look to close above $41 tomorrow, be sure to close out the position with at least a MARKET ON CLOSE order, but only if SNDA looks to close in the money near the close tomorrow, otherwise it should expire worthless.

Finally, in regards to the other positions APOL BHP CREE CSX MOS COST LULU DE ,which were all our put credit spreads, should all expire worthless, unless we get a surprise visit from "Murphy's Law", of Which more then likely we will not get this time around in regards to our put credit spreads.