I decided to hold off of any new plays, including supplemental plays, as January plays will be coming out next weekend.

I was considering converting some of our put spread positions into iron condors by adding the call side.

However, after examining our current positions and considering which were the positions that had the best chance of capturing any premium; they all had a strong bullish bias to them ( e.g CREE, ANF, DEC, SLB ) and I do not want to take a chance and try to squeeze out premium on the call side in issues that potentially could continue their upward assault and leave us scurrying to cover an ill advised call credit spread.
So we are holding off plays until next weekend when we will examine the plays for January.

However, if anyone is interested you may, at your own risk, add credit spreads to any of our current positions, and with the right broker (most), you will have no additional margin requirement.

But, once again, that decision to add call spreads to our positions and create iron condors has to be your call.

You could end of increasing your monthly return, but that I am leaving up to you as a supplemental choice based on your risk tolerance for any of these positions we currently have on the recommended list for December.