Final disposition for March open positions for tomorrow.

The following issues should all expire worthless.

INFY, OXM, NVDA, AMGN, WFMI, AMSC. No action should be required and should all expire worthless.

Issues of Concern.

HON - being only $0.21 out of the money, we will have to keep an eye on HON tomorrow. You may decide to close it out on the opening if you see it opens up strongly. However, we are going to play this one out and hope it closes above $55 and expires worthless and if it looks to close below $55 near the close, close out the position with a MARKET ON CLOSE order if and only if HON looks to close below $55. If it looks to close above $55, you need do nothing.

ACI -the March 35 call is $0.09 in the money going into tomorrow. We might have to act on that. The recommendation is as follows: We will hold to position to expiration and if it looks to close below $35 we will need to do nothing. However, if the stock is above $35 as we go to the close, we will close the position with a MARKET ON CLOSE order.

ACI -the March 34 put is $1.09 out of the money and will probably be the side that will expire worthless. However if ACI should look to close below $34, we will look to close that position with a MARKET on CLOSE order. If this should occur, than of course, the ACI March 35 call would expire worthless.

Finally, in regards to both the ACI call and put positions. If the stock looks to close between $34 and $35, both positions will expire worthless and you would need to do nothing. So the bottom line is either the ACI call or put side needs to be closed out at the MARKET ON CLOSE, unless ACI looks to close between $34 - $35 tomorrow.

of course if you do not wish to wait until the close to act on this position, you can see how the market reacts tomorrow and close either or both positions early. However we are recommending holding the positions and acting on ACI at the close, if we need to act at all.

Please remember, that if any of the open positions on our safe list should close tomorrow in the money, You will need to close them out before the end of the day.

NVDA, OMX, AMSC, AMGN, INFY, WFMI should not require any action, but if "Murphy's Law" should pay us a visit, please be prepared to close any of these positions out if they look to close in the money.

CAVEAT Remember even an issue that is only $0.01 in the money at the close tomorrow WILL BE EXPIRED or ASSIGNED.