Monday looks like a gap opening day to the upside. We would probably get all of our positions filled but I want to CANCEL the following spreads before the opening because I don't like excessive gap I see coming on the open.

So we are going to cancel 3 of our 5 recommendations before the open.

In addition, we are CANCELING the closeout of the COH PUT SPREAD.
and we should get better fills on the three remaining JNPR, CREE and JDSU

CANCEL the CLF call spread.

CANCEL the COH call spread

CANCEL the AEM call spread

CANCEL the Close of the COH Put spread

It looks like it is going to gap open and pre market opening shows $51.13 - $51.50.

Let's revisit the COH position later today or if COH holds its up momentum today we can revisit it after the close today. We may want to make the COH position into an Iron condor. As mentioned above we will revisit either, more likely after the close and re position COH after what looks like a strong might be a strong up day.

So that leaves us with just three (3) JNPR . CREE ,and JDSU to fill on the open, everything else is be CANCELLED.

Sorry for the last minute email.