The MCM July 2011 performance had the look one week ago of the potential for a sea of red, however an overbought market and some fortunate staying power allowed us to not only stay out of the red, but manage to actually keep our head slightly above the line. The MCM July 2011 portfolio showed a $440.00 Profit for the month of July.

This doesn't seem like much, but considering we had one of the longest market runs of consecutive up days in a row and we were able to hold our heads above the line at the end is relieving.

The market makes nothing seem easy these days.

In summation,TM and EBAY were are the losers for the month, but it didn't always look like they would be the only culprits for a while, but we survived and now we go on to August and the debt ceiling and the European debt crisis.

Can this economy be any more frustrating.

The FINAL MCM JULY PORTFOLIO PERFORMANCE can be found under the PORTFOLIO section in the newsletter.

In addition, we will be adding several recommendations to the AUgust portfolio this weekend.

The Initial August watch list officially begins today and can be found below this July wrap up.

August Watch list below.