The futures look to open up very strong for tomorrow's opening.

We are going to cancel the spread orders for tomorrow's opening in MS, CL & AKAM

We are going to look for a more favorable opportunity to put on the recommended positions.

However, if you desire to, you may still put on the SUPPLEMENTAL PLAYS, but remember these plays will not be followed and should only be entered based on your risk tolerance for any of these supplemental spreads.

Once again, we are CANCELLING the three (3) recommended spreads that were due to be placed on Monday's opening.

Sorry for the late posting, but with the futures screaming up over 180 DOW points ( as of the email), there is no reason to jump into any trade under the insanity that the overnight futures are currently showing.

We are just going to hold off for now.

We can always enter into plays under calmer conditions later on.