The following issues are all 10 - 27 points out of the money on the short call side and nothing should be needed to be done.

These issues are: COF, MSM, INFY, TIF, ESI, WHR.

These issues should definitely expire worthless unless we have the mother of all reversals tomorrow morning.

The next group of issues: are 2 - 5 points out of the money and they should also expire worthless, but you might want to watch them out of the corner of your eye.

These issues include: RIMM, AEM, WPRT, CL.

I think the only one we really might have to watch is ,CL, and we would need a 2 1/2 point more against us just to get to the short call strike price of $87, with the stock currently at $85.04.

There is a very small chance of that happening tomorrow.

However, always remember if any issue should look to close above out short call price you need to close out that position so that you will not be assigned and have stock called away from you that you do not own.

Even an issue $0.01 in the money on a short position will be exercised against you, so you need to be sure to be prepared to close any position where that might happen tomorrow, no matter how slim it may seem to be today.

Just remember, "Murphy's Law.","If anything can happen, it will happen.

So in essence, we should have a quiet expiration Friday from the standpoint of our open August positions.

As of Friday, we begin following our current September positions and will be adding several positions over the weekend.