The Monthly Cash Machine portfolio showed a $1,240.00 Profit for the month of September 2011.

The volatility was a little unnerving with runs of triple digits up , than down, then up again, but we were able to hold our heads above the line once again at the end of the September cycle .

The losing positions were COST, which was our worse performer, along with a late loss in SUN and an unfortunate loss in VZ on the last trading day.

The FINAL MCM September 2011 PORTFOLIO PERFORMANCE can be found under the PORTFOLIO section in the newsletter.

In addition, we will be adding several additional recommendations to the October 2011 portfolio this weekend, but I will keep them to a minimum this weekend until we get this Fed meeting behin us.

The Initial September 2011 watch list officially begins today and can be found below this September wrap up.

MCM October 2011 Watch list below.