We are adding the following credit spreads to our October recommended list.

We are recommending credit spreads in the following issues.

MOS - The Mosaic Company engages in the production and marketing of concentrated phosphate- and potash-based crop nutrients for the agriculture industry worldwide. The company also offers phosphate-based animal feed ingredients; and produces and sells potash for use as fertilizers and animal feed ingredients, as well as for use in industrial applications. Its potash products are also used for de-icing and as a water softener regenerant. The companyÂ’s distribution facilities include sales offices, port terminals, crop nutrient blending and bagging facilities, and warehouses. It sells its products primarily to wholesale distributors, retail chains, cooperatives, independent retailers, and national accounts.

ARMH - ARM Holdings plc and its subsidiaries design microprocessors, physical IP, and related technology and software, as well as sells development tools to enhance the performance of high-volume embedded applications. Its products include 16/32-bit RISC microprocessors cores, such as specific functions comprising video and graphics IP, and on-chip fabric IP; embedded software; physical IP components for the design and manufacture of SoC integrated circuits, which comprise embedded memory, standard cell, input/output components, and analog and mixed-signal products; and RealView software development tools that help software design engineers in the design and deployment of code, from applications running on open operating systems to low-level firmware. The company also provides support, maintenance, and training services, as well as design consulting services. ARM Holdings plc licenses and sells its technology and products to electronics companies, which in turn manufacture, market, and sell microprocessors, application-specific integrated circuits, and application-specific standard processors to systems companies for incorporation into various end products, as well as licenses and sells development tools directly to systems companies and provides support services to licensees, systems companies, and other systems designers.

We are recommending the following specific credit spreads.

Call Credit Spreads = Bearish Call Spreads.