FINAL Disposition of MCM December 2011 positions.

Tomorrow should be a quiet day for our nine (9) remaining spread positions.

NFLX, FSLR, LULU are all double digits out of the money.

ESI, ANF, RIG, RIMM, WHR and XOM are also anywhere from 4 - 8 points out of the money.

It was unfortunate that APA and UA had such an awful last week of the cycle, but we just have to take it in stride

So barring any outrageous circumstances tomorrow, all of our remaining spreads should expire worthless.

CAVEAT: In case murphy's law should make a guest appearance tomorrow ( which I doubt )you need to be prepared to close out any open short position that looks to close in the money, even if by only $0.01.

Any position that ends up in the money will be taken away from you ( if you are short the call) or assigned to you ( if you were short the put ).

This is just a reminder in case something totally out of the ordinary might happen tomorrow.

This is the last watch list for the December 2011 expiration cycle ,as December will expire tomorrow and the January portfolio and watch list will begin being followed on Friday.

In addition, we will be adding additional January positions over the weekend.