We are going to place several trades for tomorrow that wll not cost us any additional margin as February plays are going to start this weekend.

We are going to CLOSE out the AKAM 29/31 Call spread which is in the money against us. We could probably wait until next week as the spread is close to the maximum amount to close out, however enough is enough for waiting for some retracement of its run up, and additionally we have a few February plays starting out this weekend.

We are thus, closing the AKAM 29/31 CALL spread for a NET DEBIT of $1.98

The bid/ask is $1.88 - $2.04. I would try to split the difference at $1.96 early, however if you don't get filled immediately go to $1.98 NET DEBIT to close out the spread.

We are only closing out the call side of the AKAM iron condor.

Secondly, we are adding the following put spread to our recommended list to create another iron condor on our UA position.

This will not cost any additional margin with most brokers.

We are recommending the following specific put spread on UA as noted below.

Put credit spread - Bullish put spread.