Portfolio #1 JUNE results.

Our June 2012 Portfolio #1 showed a gain of $2,530. for the month.

We closed out a NEM call spread last week,as well as AIG and IRM short calls today this morning, and the JWN 49 call, which we had to close out right before the close, after it crept up on us from out of nowhere.

Incidentally, for those who had to be away from you computer, that is why we use MARKET ON CLOSE orders for just ths kind of surprise if you have to away from the computer on expiration Friday.

Murphy's Law at its finest hour.

Additionally, we closed out the NEM 46 put for a profit and rolled up to the NEM 49 put, which also expired worthless for an additional gain on the NEM put side.

The June 2012 individual portfolio #1 results can be viewed in the PORTFOLIO section of the newsletter.

we currently have five (5) positions in out current July 2012 Portfolio and will be adding several more later.


Portfolio #2 JUNE 2012 results.

Our JUNE Portfolio #2 showed a $1,510 gain. for the month.

All five (5) of our positions expired worthless and never really were challenged, with only DE and WHR even appearing only once on the watch list the entire expiration cycle. Once again, I wish it could always be as easy, but we all know differently
p>In conclusion, the complete portfolio #2 performance can be seen in the PORTFOLIO section of newsletter.

We currently have ALL five of our JULY 2012 positions in PORTFOLIO #2 OPEN for the JULY expiration cycle.

We may be adding additional positions to our JULY Portfolio #1 recommended list this weekend depending on events in Europe, specially Greece.

We will know probably Sunday evening, but I have doubts that we will.

So if we do not add any positions this weekend, you will understand why.

We will add some additional plays after the Greek election plays out.

The July watch list will be found right under this wrap up of the June 2012 performance.

MCM July 2012 Watch list.