We are adding the following MCM July recommendations to Portfolio #2.

We are recommending a put credit spread on NFLX, which will complete an iron condor on NFLX.

NFLX moved into the money on the call side with a big run up today of almost 10 points believed to be due mostly in part from increased revenues from it streaming videos.

Hopefully, we can get the put spread on tomorrow and complete the iron condor and pick up some additional premium, just in case we have to close out the call side by buying back the 80/85 call spread and then rolling up to the July 90/95 call spread to help offset some of the loss.

But before we deal with that matter, let's see if we can get this put spread off tomorrow.

We are recommending the following specific credit spread on NFLX.

put Credit spread = Bullish spread spread.

This spread should not require any additional margin requirement to be placed on these spreads, with the right broker- dealer.

When we get this spread on, we can deal with the disposition of the call spread later.