Portfolio #1 JULY 2012 results.

Our July 2012 Portfolio #1 showed a gain of $1,100. for this month.

ANF (calls) and BBY (puts) along with a late surge by TPX (calls) were the Achilles heels this month.

All other positions expired worthless for the JULY 2012 option cycle.

The July 2012 individual portfolio #1 results can be viewed in the PORTFOLIO section of the newsletter.

we currently have Three (3) positions in out current August 2012 Portfolio and will be adding several more positions this weekend.


Portfolio #2 JULY 2012 results.

Our JULY 2012 Portfolio #2 showed a $600 gain. for the month.

Volatility all month and a big move by NFLX and a move by NKE late in the JULY cycle caused us to take action and close both of those positions.

The other spreads all expired worthless.

In conclusion, the complete portfolio #2 performance can be seen in the PORTFOLIO section of newsletter.

We currently have Two (2) positions Open in our PORTFOLIO #2 expiration cycle for August.

The New August 2012 watch list will be found right under this wrap up of the JULY 2012 performance.


MCM August 2012 Watch list.