Portfolio #1 Fills:

SLW, IR put spreads filled completing iron condors.

NEM, DOW, APKT call spreads filled.

NOTE: SHAW announced as being a buyout today so you will be sent instructions on to close out the position and take the loss. We are lookin to close the SHAW 27/29 call spread for a NET DEBIT $2.00 today.

you may place your order to close now or wait for the email in about 10 minutes.

Unless the deal doesn't go through there is little advantage in holding the position and hoping that the deal does not go through.

In addition, you face a risk of some individuals calling their shares early and you don't need to deal with that possibility.

In addition, the SHAW put spread is still open and because of the buyout interest, the put spread will not be filled, so you can CANCEL the shaw put spead now.

Portfolio #2 Fills:

BA put spread filled.

NFLX call spread filled.

ALV call spread closed for NET DEBIT $2.20.