CLOSING CMG 315/320 Call spread tomorrow.

We are going to throw in the towel on CMG tomorrow.

This weekend we may decide to put on an October Position to recoup some of the loss, however I am not sure I want to throw it with the call side but we will decide this weekend when October 2012 recommendations begin.

Tomorrow, we are closing out the CMG 315/320 call spread for a NET DEBIT of $4.70 - $4.75 ( The BID/ASK is ( $3.90 - $5.50 )

The spread is rather large so as usual we want to try and split the BID/ASK initially to get our fill. however if that doesn't work we will slowly edge up our NET DEBIT price to CLOSE $0.05 higher at a time, we can wait a bit, but we should close the trade tomorrow before the close

We should not have to pay $5.00 to close this trade.