Portfolio #1 October 2012 results.

Our October 2012 Portfolio #1 showed a Gain of $3,700 for the month of October.

Our only position we had to close out was the ABX 39 put, which actually showed a few cents profit for the trade.

The October 2012 individual portfolio #1 results can be viewed in the PORTFOLIO section of the newsletter.

we currently have Three (3) positions in out current November 2012 Portfolio and will be adding several more this weekend.


Portfolio #2 October 2012 results.

Our October Portfolio #2 showed a $3,650 loss. for the month.

We lost the CSTR put spread and NFLX call spread, but If you look at the whole month. it was AAPL's poor performance dropping over $90 points with a $15 drop in one day that put us in a hole that we almost were able to come back from, except for beating we took today and yesterday, which saw us give back over $30 in two days.

The other 12 spreads and 3 spreads from the other side of the 3 iron condors all expired worthless.

In conclusion, the complete portfolio #2 performance can be seen in the PORTFOLIO section of newsletter.

We currently have Two (2) positions Open in our PORTFOLIO #2 expiration cycle for November.

We will be adding additional positions to our November Portfolio #1 recommended list this weekend as well as portfolio #2 on Sunday evening

November 2012 Watch list and Portfolio begins being tracked tonight or Saturday Morning.